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Iron Shirt Standing Qi Gong Exercises


Improve structure, posture and core strength

The core standing postures of the Universal Tao are called 'Iron Shirt Qi Gong', the reason being you build an iron shirt of strength within your body. The five core postures are:


Embracing the Tree

  • Learn to root to the earth and stand as strong as a tree.

  • Improve your internal structure and posture.

  • Clear energy blocks in your system

Embracing the Tree Iron Shirt Qi Gong stance

Holding the Golden Urn

  • Connect to the earth and replenish your meridiens with Yin earth force

  • Feel the Yang force of the Universe fill your energy pathways

  • Strengthen your tendons and wrap them around your bones

Holding the Golden Urn Iron Shirt Qi Gong stance

Golden Turtle

  • Increase your Qi power inside your body

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

  • Replenish your kidney jing Qi

The Golden Turtle Iron Shirt Qi Gong stance

Water Buffalo

  • Rise like a water buffalo out of the marshes

  • Build Tan Tien power

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor

Water Buffalo Iron Shirt Qi Gong stance


Iron Bridge

  • Build strength throughout your structure in the Yang posture

  • Relax and allow the energy to flow in the Yin posture

Iron Bridge Iron Shirt Qi Gong posture

Master Mantak Chia, founder of the Universal Healing Tao system
Master Mantak Chia


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